Flourish Bakery

Baking limitless growth of personal and community transformation, one pie at a time.

Our Mission at Flourish Bakery

Our mission is building better people through the opportunity to begin again.

That’s why we developed a paid internship program for those recovering from substance use disorders who have often experienced incarceration that fosters hope, healing, and accountability while simultaneously teaching the art and skills of professional baking.


3 in 5

Americans families are affected by addiction.

40 - 60%

The relapse rate for substance use disorders.

1 in 3

Adults are justice-involved, limiting access to jobs, education, and housing.

At Flourish


Hours of paid training for interns.


Maintain sobriety.


Intern recidivism.

Quality Ingredients

We believe that quality baking ingredients lead to better baked goods. ‍Every single one of our delicious goodies is baked using locally milled, organic flour and local ingredients wherever possible. Just take the Woodyatt Cherries we use in our cherry pies and black forest bar. We are also members of Utah’s Own and Local First Utah as part of this commitment.

Quality Community

Community springs forth like concentric circles from Flourish Bakery’s center. It starts with the goodwill and intention of the core stakeholders, flowing out to the interns, then the customers, then the recovery community, and finally the local community at large. In the end, Flourish is more than just a bakery. It's a community committed to transformation.

Quality Opportunity

We believe in opportunity for all. Flourish Bakery works with individuals in recovery from substance use disorders and those working to reintegrate their lives post-incarceration. Baking is so much more than just making baked goods - it requires teamwork, communication, trust, and self-reflection. And so, our program offers interns the opportunity to begin again!

Quality Intent

Quality Intent is one of the four pillars that guide the Flourish Bakery mission. But what does that mean?  For us, it means that we always approach our mission with honesty and purpose. Our interns are all in the process of a personal transformation that is at the core of their recovery. That's why they give each product lots of attention and love.

Meet the Flourish Team

Flourish Bakery’s team is a diverse group of individuals who use their talents to stand alongside those who seek the opportunity to begin again.

They bring expertise in culinary arts, mental health, finance, communications, and recovery to our community.


Help more people receive the support they need to transform their lives. Your generosity provides our interns with culinary arts training, mental health services, fitness training, financial counseling, communal meals, weekly writing circles, and daily reflection. It is where employment and empowerment meet, and amazing results happen.

No matter your donation amount, know that you are leveraging your resources to give more people the opportunity to begin again.

All donations are tax-deductible and are processed through the secure portal below.

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