Intern Writing: Water of a New Life

The following poem was written by Flourish intern Rachel during one of our community’s weekly writing circles. Each week, we come together with Own It SLC to write, share, and connect with one another as we explore our creativity. Programs like this are just one example of how our internship program isn’t just about learning to bake. It’s about transforming lives. 

Water of a New Life

Water of a new life I have never drunk. 

As a new beautiful lake is created in the creator of my past,

I feel hope. I feel clean.

The water is crystal in the sense that it is pure. 

As long as I keep it clean and garbage-free, my creation will remain pure. 

I see my lake filling, filling, as I continue to feed my love and energy into its depths,

As the banks of jagged rocks and rotting wood disappear underneath the loving caress of the water,

I feel hope. 

I feel courage.

I feel strength.

When my lake fills to a point that it breaks its banks

-and it will-

I know the water I have fed this lake will run free. 

A small stream. A tiny creek.

Eventually into a powerful, roaring, and raging river. 

I am creating water of a new life I have never drunk.