Flourish Bakery: 5 Years of Firsts

In 2022, Flourish celebrates its 5th anniversary as an IRS-recognized nonprofit organization. The concept of Flourish, however, began in 2010 when a group of individuals came together and developed an innovative way to address the challenges people face in recovery from substance use disorder and reingrating their lives post-incarceration.

At Flourish, celebrating "firsts" is an important part of our internship program. We celebrate when someone rents their first apartment, finishes their first workout at Warrior Strength, or has their first day off parole. This page features some of Flourish's "firsts" over the past several years. It also includes some ways you can be a part of our 5th anniversary celebration!

2018: Flourish's First Video Featuring Community Members Coming Together to Highlight the Need for Flourish in Utah

2019: Flourish's First Video Featuring Interns Produced by the
Episcopal Diocese of Utah

2022: Flourish's First Appearance at the Utah Legislature

Be a Part of Our Next 5 Years!


As we celebrate Flourish's 5th anniversary, your support matters more than ever before. Whether you volunteer, become a monthly donor, or buy treats from our bakery, you will play an important role in giving more individuals have the opportunity to begin again.




Join us on Friday, May 13th for benefit concert featuring The Kinsey Sicks America's Favorite Dragapella® Beautyshop Quartet at the Salt Lake Masonic Temple.

The show will be performed with a handbag full of fun with a touch of bawdy humor. The Kinsey Sicks are so much more than a cabaret act, the Masonic Temple is more than a theatre, and Flourish is more than a Bakery.